Ant-Man 3 Quantumania: Box Office Success Despite Negative Reviews

With more than $100 million picked up just on American soil for its first weekend, Ant-Man 3 Quantumania is, we can say, a nice success.
A start starting despite the very bad criticisms that the film squats, due to the real absence of issues (despite the presence of King), a quantum universe which struggles to convince, the character of Took completely failed and a humor
a little doubtful.
In reality, it is $104 million over three days, counting its premieres also, with the bonus of forecasts at $118 million by adding this public holidays of Presidents’ Day in the USA on Monday.
Result: Ant-Man and the Guest Quantumania exceeds its predecessors, since the first Ant-Man had started at $57.2 million in 2015 and Ant-Man and the wasp at $75.8 million in 2018.
Little more in detail, we see that the American public watched the film in premium formats, since 43% of the recipes on this opening weekend were made on IMAX screen and other premium projections (4DX, Screen, etc.)

In addition to its $100 million in the United States, the first film in phase 5 of the MCU can also count on the international market which also responded in mass, since the global, Ant-Man quantumania has exceeded the
$225 million at the Box Office for its first weekend.
In International, the third adventures of the man-mild harvested around $121.3 million on 43 markets.


No less than 41 million were carried out in Europe (including 4.5 million dollars in France), 58 million in Asia-Pacific (including 19.2 million in China), and finally $22 million in Latin America.