Experience New Zealand in Cinematic Detail with Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XII

Solo and Microsoft continue their world tour in 80 updates with the World Update XII, which takes us to fly over the most cinematographic archipelago of Oceania.
New Zealand is more detailed than ever.
This salutary update comes to make relief in the country of All Blacks, previously too flat to stick to reality.
As usual, Solo relies on photogrammetry data in very high resolution to refine their reproduction on a 1: 1 scale.
Seven cities have been fully renovated: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Nelson, Queenstown, Tauranga and Wellington.
In all, 62 unique points of interest were dispersed through the archipelago, ranging from the New Zealand parliament to the Nikita geothermal park via Mont Cook.


You can even find, in the north of the country, the Hobbiteburg film set, nestled on the Metadata site.
To top it off, nine new airports have been reproduced by hand, with atypical destinations such as the landing track of the Gorge river.

Tourist route

To encourage you to drag the wings on the side of Oceania, a dozen missions will put your talents as a digital pilot to the test.
In bulk, there is:
It’s crazy about all the content that can be stalled in such a small country.
Laworld Update XII is already available, just put your Microsoft Flight Simulator Copy up to date to take advantage of it.
You can find the full list of points and interests and driving challenges on the official website (for English speakers only).