Gats and Griffith appearance, Crusader Quest X Berserk


Crusader Quest is offering 3000 days of service ★ 4 Hasla is providing all warriors’ alternatives coupons.
You can pick one of all the warriors of Hasla other than the collaboration warrior if you enter CQ3000DAYS in the input home window in the game.
The period of usage is till June 30, 2023.

Through this collaboration, 8 characters of Gansu, Griffith, Barnes, Service, Isidro, Sire, Sir, Job, and also Skeleton Knights
It is implemented as my character.
8 warriors can join the warriors with the collaboration agreement.
Furthermore, 8 brand-new transcendental weapons are likewise executed, as well as the collaboration character can be acquired from the agreement to automatically obtain the tool from the mailbox.

Kim Byung-soo, PM, said, We have been given the chance to reveal our favorite jobs, including the Crusader Mission Advancement Team, as a special dot aesthetic.
We have actually prepared the visuals as well as fight techniques of the characters to ensure that you can play fun.

There is additionally a collaboration commemorative event.
For two weeks from March 9, ▲ Special Dungeon Occasion, ▲ devoted objective occasion, ▲ limited pursuit event, as well as ▲ participation incentive event will certainly start.
If you finish the goal and missions, you can obtain a total of three Berserk warriors’ outfits.
Numerous goods that can grow the warrior are likewise paid as an incentive.

The mobile RPG Crusaders Pursuit, which was serviced by NHN (Chief Executive Officer Yeo-jin Jung) as well as created by Road Full (CEO BAE Jong-un), will begin the Berserk collaboration occasion on the 9th.

Berserk has actually been published extra than 55 million international considering that the beginning of the series in 1989, and also is a dark and fantasy anime with several fans worldwide.

It was additionally computer animated as well as broadcast by the Sword Pong Electric Berserk, Berserk Golden Age, and also Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition.

Crusader Quest is a depicting video game of NHN, including pixel graphics evocative traditional video games.
It is tape-recorded more than 25 million downloads of international and also commemorated its 3,000-day international launch on February 26.
In April, we will certainly release the last circumstance of season 2.