Union Berlin Stumbles Against 1. FC Köln – Ex-Unioner Steffen Baumgart Leaves Wahl-Köpenicker Emptied Handed in Race for Champions League Qualification

Union Berlin left two factors in the battle for a Champions Organization location.

Versus 1. FC Cologne it was only an absolutely no number.
After the department of points, Urs Fischer and Steffen Rampart drank hands, faced the middle circle and chatted in a revitalizing way: The Wahl-Köpenicker Rampart had a leg for the Champions Organization qualification in the race for the Champions League credentials
put and two points swiped.
With 1. FC Cologne, the train and also executioner dealt with a counter in Berlin on Saturday as well as braked the unfavorable trend after 2 beats.
There was also a triumph for the Rhinelander, yet Union keeper Frederik Connor got on the article numerous times, when even with one hand.
Thankfully, I had the best hand on the ball, claimed the Dane at Skies, however additionally criticized the idea: In the 2nd fifty percent we lost also lots of balls and had no rhythm.
Despite the second Bundesliga residence game, the Berliners maintain back in the leading group of the Bundesliga without their own objective success.
Fragrance is in the secured midfield.
We had the far better opportunities and also might have won, stated Cologne Florian Keying.


Time Hubert added: There were several lengthy balls as well as lots of battles, so a 0-0 leaps out.
For FC train Rampart, the trip to his ex-club in Berlin was unique.
Obviously, the video game at Union is specifically for me. I still have an apartment in Köpenick, said the two Unioner of the Year (2003 and also 2004).
The Berlin target market received him with praise.
In contrast, what Rampart reached see after the kick-off on the newly laid yard was a lot less liked.
Union started vibrant, immediately accumulated pressure and also prompted Cologne errors.
Kevin Bearers won the sphere in a battle with Florian Keying, yet after that intended too centrally from around 16 meters (fourth).

uncommon blunders in the Berlin game structure

The Berlin initial offensive made it through Perfume harmlessly.
The FC defensive safeguarded lengthy rounds on Union’s target gamer around Bearers, in the facility, both groups neutralized themselves in a battle-hugging duel.
Nonetheless, voids occurred.
Dean Juridic decided after an excellent Cologne counterattack in the fine area.
The Austrian intended simply beside it (19th).
Highlights like this stayed a rarity in the first half.
Union as well as Perfume found barely a method to survive the well-organized protective collection, likewise defended standards.
Union played isolated advances regarding the quick Herald Becker.
After the break, both sides enhanced the rate and also often located their method right into the last third.
First Union Josie Jurassic (49. ), after that Perfume dropped clutched Linton Main (50th) after a counterattack from a brief range.
Perfume acquired fantastic advantages, likewise since uncommon blunders in Union happen in Union.
The Berliners had the ability to count on Frederik Connor.
The goalkeeper radiated great safety and also maintained Union in the video game.
He parried versus Keying (59.) and Jonas Hector (66. ).