Unlock Special Abilities with Izv in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In To Long: Fallen Empire, great possessing a sword will not help.
When you are handling super-powerful adversaries, you will certainly require unique capacities.
They are referred to as spells of magic, unique battle abilities that will certainly provide you an opportunity to combat also with one of the most powerful opponents.
You can use spells to boost, make use of condition effects or damages to adversaries.
Right here are the very best magic spells in To Long, so you can prepare for every phone call that the game throws you.

Will Certainly Long Fall Empire Ideal Magic Spells are secondary capabilities that a gamer can use to make use of numerous assaults or strengthening for himself and his allies in Will certainly Long: Fallen Empire.

Wizards spells are divided into 5 virtues: timber, fire, metal, earth and water.

Your capacity to make use of spells of certain merit depends on the degree of this virtue and your current degree of battle spirit.
As you increase the degree of your merits in Long, you will obtain spell glasses of the stages of magic, which can be made use of to acquire new spell magic on any combat flag.
We likewise advise that you go to the wizard spells after you open the secret town, as this will open up some greater level spells for every virtue.

The very best wood spells in Will certainly Long

Wood spells are spells based upon zippers that can trigger damage to enemies when applying shock.
Timber spells can likewise deal with the gamer as well as his allies.
In shocked opponents, the resistance to toxins will be decreased, and their spirit will gradually decline.
The very best wooden spells:
To soak up vitality: you and also your closest allies can bring back HP when putting on opponents.
Lightning tools: For a certain duration of time, enchant your existing weapon of near-fight with lightning.
Clean: it goes down the whole existing built up adverse result on absolutely no for you as well as your closest allies, while offering a favorable effect that lowers the amount of accumulated negative result for all stages except metal.
Ideal recovery: provides you as well as your closest allies a positive impact that completely blocks the enemy attack once.

The Most Effective Fiery Spells in To Long Fallen Empire

Fire spells cause fire from fire and also can apply the effect of burning;
They can also enhance the gamer’s damage over a restricted time.
The shed adversaries will have decreased resistance to ice and also gradually decrease their health.
The effect of combustion standing is really effective against the majority of adversaries because of its damages from the impacts of time.
The most effective fiery spells:
Fire weapons: For a particular time period, charm your present weapon of near-combat with a fire.
Enhancing damages: for a specific amount of time, boosts both the damages that you cause to the adversaries and also received from them.
Burning fire wave: causes constant vortex of flame before itself.
Conditions over time to all adversaries who touch with him.
Scorch spin: fires a stream of fire from both hands, covering the closest enemies with a flame.

Best Planet spells in Will certainly Long

Earth spells are spells based upon rock that can apply the standing result of extent.
Adversaries, impacted by weight, have actually a minimized lightning resistance as well as get raised damage from the spirit.
Planet spells can additionally control the adversary’s placement or offer protective results to the gamer and also his allies.
The very best Planet spells:
Improved defense: for a specific amount of time you obtain fewer damages from opponents as well as will certainly not tremble, other than from some effective attacks.


  • Rock weapons: For a certain period of time, captivate your present weapon of near-fight with a stone.
  • Sand sink: creates a whirlpool of sand, which attracts enemies to its center.
  • An illusory shell: for a specific time period, it develops an unseen guard around you, soaking up a particular amount of damages.

The very best metal spells in Will certainly Long Fall Dynasty

Metal magic spells are based on contaminants and can use the impact of poison status.
Poisonous enemies lowered the resistance of fire, and their wellness as well as spirit gradually lowered.
Steel spells can likewise deteriorate adversaries, as an example, raise the quantity of damage they received.

  • Toxic tools: for a certain duration of time, enchant your current weapons of near-fight with a contaminant.
  • Spontaneous torment: increases the build-up of all condition results used to enemies over a certain amount of time.
  • Life discolors: launches a damned arrowhead ahead.
    The impacted enemies will obtain more damage over a specific amount of time.
  • Bubbles of contaminant: launches toxic bubbles ahead.
    When they fall on enemies or surface, Bubbles burst as well as produce a harmful fog.
    The overload will apply continual damage to the enemies of it.

The best water spells in To Long

Water magic spells are ice impacts that can use the condition effect of air conditioning.
Chilled adversaries have decreased resistance to the rock and also increased automatic exhaustion of the spirit throughout a raised spirit.
Water spells can also raise the speed of the gamer or boost privacy.
The very best water spells:
Ice arrow: produces a frost that, after a certain amount of time, develops into an icy column.
Ice pillars will certainly move on as well as to the target that was captured when they were called.
Aqua Blink: enables you to instantly teleport to a particular distance.
Ice tools: For a particular period of time, captivate your current weapons of near-fight with ice spells.
Unnoticeable form: for a certain amount of time, your body makes your body unseen as well as can not be located by adversaries.

Why can’t I use magic spells in To Long Fallen Empire?

Your capability to use particular spells of magic relies on your moral rank and your degree of merit for this elementary phase.
Make certain to check out the requirements for spells on the Wizardry Spells screen as well as on the display of your equipment.
The need for the ranking of combat spirit commonly does not permit you to use a higher degree spells in the very early phases of the field of battles, since your rank of battling spirit is unloaded at the start of each battlefield.
This will certainly suggest that it is best to make use of magic spells that do not need moral rank at the start of each battlefield, up until you have the essential rank in order to have the ability to make use of stronger spells.
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