Trunks Journey to Find True Love: Dragon Balls Epic Love Affairs

We all place dragon ball as a series of epic battles, but the reality is that it is also full of love affairs.
From ideal relationships such as Krill in and Android 18, to the strange marriage between Roku and Milk (where he is almost always absent, not to say dead).
The saddest thing is that the Trunks Kalamazoo has never been able to have a healthy relationship.
All this could change thanks to the insistence and dedication of Tyler, a classmate of Gotten, who has the potential to end the traumas and obsession of Trunks for Mai, guiding him to have his first real love relationship.


But, have patience.
Since, for the moment it does not seem that Akira Oriya hurries as much as fans, addressing the issue in Dragon Ball Super.
The hope for our hero arose when Tyler asked Gotten if he could ask Trunks to invite her to the dance that takes place in Chapter 90 of the series.
Gotten insists on refusing until Tyler resigns, although he does not stop showing his discomfort by the decision.
Gotten and Tyler attend the dance and the latter takes the opportunity to spy on Mai, the Trunks couple for the event.
Unfortunately it is very possible that this love triangle is exploited during the next chapters of the series since, the chapter ends when Krill in imprisons Dr. He’d
What happens in the current manga arch.
And because Dr. Hero is the main antagonist since the beginning of this sequel, it is difficult to think that the story continues with him after bars.
The only hope for readers is that Toyota, artist of Dragon Ball Super, confirmed that, at the end of the current arch, there will be more romantic elements, which suggests that Tyler’s story and his search to conquer Trunks, will continue.
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Editor’s note: The elements that ensure 100% the continuation of this search to ensure that Tyler and Trunks have a love and stable relationship are few but definitive.
It would be very unlikely that all these clues and events have happened without an intention to take advantage of them to extend the history (and chapters) of Dragon Ball Super, not to mention that, let’s go Oriya, the boy deserves it!