Destiny 2: Lightfall – Find All Neomuna Chest Locations

Nominal is the newest world that guardians travel while looking for a solution to defeat the witness.
As always, a new world means many secrets to discover and chests to plunder, and Nominal is full of both.
If you are in humor to hunt chests, this is what you need to know about all the locations of chest in Nominal in Destiny 2: Nightfall.

All chests in Zephyr Concourse (3)

  • Located in the northern section of Zephyr Concourse, above the red roof.
    Use the awnings to reach the inclined roof, and the chest will be at the top.
  • Located on the western side of Zephyr Concourse and is trapped behind a glass wall.
    You will have to go back, go down to the floor below, where you will find another glass wall with a crack.
    Enter this room and follow the vent that will take you to this chest.
  • Located on the southeast side of Zephyr Concourse, he will want to look for a giant neon sign with a white logo and three awnings underneath.
    Let yourself fall on the left awning and the chest will be there.

All chests in AHIMA Park (3)

  • On the north side of the AHIMA Park, this chest is located inside a cave.
    Under the cave cliff, you will see a catwalk that you can go down.
    Once it goes down, the chest will be on the back of this area.
  • On the south side of the AHIMA Park, this chest is located on the right side of the building.
    Go to the front of the building, then jump to awning on the second floor.
    After that, jump to the right side awning and the chest will be in front of you.

  • The last chest is located under the giant statue of Calls, addressing the base of the statue will reveal an entrance to the cave.
    The chest will be on the side of a lamp.

All chests in the port of Liming (3)

  • Together with the lost Thralldom sector, this chest is behind the two fan sponsor.
  • Located in the middle of the ship in Liming Harbor, you must jump between the central and side platforms to reach the chest.
  • On the western side of Liming Harbor, this chest is beyond the awnings of the wings.
    You must get on the platform on the awnings and then jump to a hole, where the chest will be located.


That is all you need to know about the location of all the chests in Nominal in Destiny 2: Nightfall.
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