Page Title: Is Dune Face Dead in The Mandalorian?


Dune Face was a recurring character in The Mandalorian, as rangers of the New Republic, he always helped command and Grog in his adventures.
Season 2 was launched in 2020, so it is not a surprise that fans have forgotten where the character left him.
It has also been confirmed that the Dune face actress, Gina Cyrano, will no longer be part of the program, so fans could wonder what the character’s destiny is and if she is dead.

Were Dune Face murdered in The Mandalorian?

Dune face is not dead in the Mandalorian.
The last time the fans saw their character, he was helping Din Darin, also known as The Mandalorian, to rescue Grog de Gideon and his crew.
The director and writer Dave Felony commented on the absence of his characters in season 3 with Deadline: It is a great galaxy, and we have many characters in it, many characters fight for their time on the screen.
We will only have to do as the season develops what the adventures are, but it is a great character, someone who was vital for the beginnings of Din Darin;
We will see if it has evolved beyond that.
With the disappeared Dune face of the next season, it seems that writers are determined to present new characters and expand their story without a face.
From now
It is possible that his character could undertake other adventures as he has done before.

There is also the possibility that he is only absent in season 3, his character could be consolidated in season 4 if writers feel that the return is vital for history.
The Season 3 of The Mandalorian will launch on March 1 at Disney+.
That is all that you have to know about whether Dune face is in the Mandalorian for now.
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