Can I Take My Xbox Games to Nintendo? Microsoft Clarifies the Issue

Recently a historical agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo was announced, since it was announced that for 10 years the consoles of the Red Company would be receiving games from the Call of Duty saga.
And before this, it was interpreted that more Xbox games would reach the platform, but it seems that all this was a confusion regarding writing.


In the official statement it was written that Xbox games would join Nintendo, so it immediately thought of large franchises such as Halo, Fora, Gears of War and more, but that is totally away from reality.
And it is that soon Microsoft’s CEO, Brad Smith, only speaks of Call of Duty, this in case the purchase of activation is made.

We want the registration to be clear and address any misunderstanding.
I am delighted to publish this statement again and affirm Microsoft’s strong commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo customers if the regulators approve our acquisition of Blizzard Activision.
For now, the closing issue regarding this new acquisition seems to have no response, since the regulators of the United Kingdom and the European Union have not reached its verdict.
Even if they already had it, the United States itself also needs to give their response, so we will have to wait a few more months for resolution.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: Without a doubt this treatment already begins to be a bit tired, because to start we talk about games that are not yet in their possession.
It would be best to wait before seeing the conclusion.