Farewell to Legendary Developer Shinji Mikami: Founder of Tango Gameworks to Leave in the Coming Months

The founder of Tango Game works leaves the workshop.
As Bethesda Soft works let Senior Vice Head of state Todd Vaughn know by email to the labor force, Shinji Miami will take his hat in the coming months.
In the inner e-mail (through True achievements) it states:

I am contacting you today to tell you that studio supervisor Shinji Miami has actually chosen to leave Tango Game works in the coming months.
Mr. Miami was a creative leader and supportive advisor for young programmers at Tango for 12 years via his work to The Evil Within, Ghost wire: Tokyo, as well as obviously Stereo Rush.
Shinji Miami is probably known to gamers most as the developer of the Resident Evil series.
He founded Tango Game works in 2010. There he was in charge of the Wickedness Within, amongst other points.

For the video games The Wickedness Within 2, Ghost wire: Tokyo as well as Stereo Thrill, Miami worked as an exec manufacturer.
It is not known why Miami Tango game works is leaving.


The recently published Hi-fi Rush ended up being a real shock hit, which brought in several positive reviews for both the studio and also the game and, according to Bethesda, was amongst one of the most successful market launches for Bethesda as well as Xbox in recent times.