Hotfix Released for Hi-Fi Rush – Error Loops Fixed in January Developer Direct Event


Surprisingly published at the end of January during the Developer Direct event, Hi-Fi-Rush rapidly dominated the hearts of the gamers.

Visually, a mix of Jet Set Radio and Sunset Overdrive requires the action adventure in fights in battling a lot of rhythm and tact.
To ensure that the game is rather more efficiently, Tango Game works has now launched a brand-new hotfix that fixes three small issues in the rhythm game.
Players who left the video game throughout Track 8 and were not able to call a partner to continue after restarting the game with the door.
An error was likewise corrected that made gamers possible to avoid a particular chorus through repeated pause.
The UE4 Fatal Mistake issue, which impacted PC players with a CPU older than Intel Generation 4, is also a distant memory.