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Philipp AHM, previously captain of FC Bayern, sees the currently numerous pursuers of Munich in the Bundesliga as a favorable sign.
The good thing is that the Bundesliga is just amazing that it is tight. It is also time that it is tight again till the end, said the tournament director of the European Champion 2024 of the German Press Firm.
In the end, nevertheless, there will be the eleventh championship title in a row for his ex-club, said AHM: FC Bayern has the strongest squad and will finally prevail again.

The 2014 world champion appreciates the opportunities of the German record champion on the victory in the Champions League substantially less.
The round of 16 versus the French star ensemble of Paris Saint-Germain will be tough, said AHM, who sees no clear favorite: This can work in both directions.


AHM stayed at a media consultation in Berlin on Tuesday, in which he and ex-national player and DFB vice president Célia Basic were the results of the involvement process of Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Falser (SPD) at the # 2024unddu!.
The participation procedure is an alliance to reinforce volunteering and civic engagement on the celebration of the home European Champion.