Official Batman Posters and More from The Flash Movie Starring Michael Keaton

When The Flash movie was announced, Rumors pointed out that Michael Keaton would resume the role of Batman for this production.


Fortunately, this information eventually came true.
While the first teaser of the film took a small look at this, it was not until the official trailer yesterday that we saw in action this version of the knight of the night.
Now, the official posters of The Flash give this character a greater emphasis.
A few moments ago, the official accounts of Warner Bros. and DC shared three completely new posters of The Flash.
Here we can see one focused on the main character, another in Super girl, and one more with a focus on the Batman of Michael Keaton.
While Keaton will not be the only Batman in this movie, since Ben Affleck will also have the opportunity to say goodbye to this character, the 1989 Batman version is the one that will have the greatest emphasis on this occasion and, apparently on the internet
In the last hours, fans are happy with this decision.
We remind you that The Flash will premiere on June 15, 2023. On related issues, you can see the official trailer of this movie here.
Editor’s note:
I can’t believe it, but The Flash trailer looks great.
In an instant, all reports about how good this movie is really credible.

This is a feeling that no other DCE movie achieved, and it is a pity that one of the last is able to do this possible.