3, Unlock the Phaeton Transportation Tool: Tips & Guide


In the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3, dozens of new means of transportation, minions and other unlocked objects were added, including the means of transportation of Phaeton.

But how to unlock this fiery version of the High Animal Ixion and make it your own?
Here’s how to unlock the phaeton in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get Mount Phaeton in ff xiv

Mount Phaeton requires you to exchange three glowing horns to non-needle in Radz-At-Khan (X: 10, Y: 10.0).
It is under unearthly oddities that the Horn Exchange tab will give you the horn of the Phaeton, which can be used to call Phaeton.
Nevertheless, Burning Horns is not as easy to get, so it is not as simple as it seems.
The horn of Phaeton is also sold, like flaming horns, so this rare means of transportation can be found on a trading board.
Nevertheless, it is usually sold for millions of GIL, so it is better to earn yourself, especially if you have a limited budget.

How to get Burning Horns in FFI

Burning horns are a rare object that drops out both from chests from dilapidated cards from the leather of the office, and from chests located in the dungeon, the changeable gymnasium of the ago, which sometimes appears after the dilapidated map of the treasure of the skin of the office of the office.
The horns should be folded into prey, and they are extremely rare.
This means that you may take some time to accumulate enough horns!
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