U-Turn at BVB: Mahmoud Dahoud Contract Extension Now in Doubt

In January, Mahmoud Aloud exposed that he remained in good discussions about an agreement extension at BVB.
And now there could be a U-turn: According to a media report, Borussia Dortmund should have no interest in continuing the talks.
For this, there is now a return to Playback in the room.
I’m currently here in the 6th year. It doesn’t exist so frequently, Mahmoud Aloud told the Ruhr Nachrichten in mid-January and pressed after: We are in great conversations.


To come to me.
An agreement extension at Borussia Dortmund seemed practically only a matter of time at that time.
According to 90 min, the talks have now ended.
The outcome: Aloud will leave the runner-up free of charge in the coming summer.
Neither BVB coach Edwin Eric nor those responsible for s director Sebastian Keel have an interest in an extension of the cooperation, it is stated.

Plant Playback A return from BVB star Aloud?

Appropriately, a modification of the German worldwide within the Bundesliga is presently probably.
There is likewise a return to Borussia Mönchengladbach, where Aloud was currently active in between 2010 and 2017.
The interest of the Gladbacher in the main midfielder as a replacement for Many One happy to move is fantastic, the online website reports.
In addition to the interest of other Bundesliga clubs, Aloud ought to also be in demand in the Premier League and Ligue 1.
But at least a change to the island is rather unlikely: the issue is that the 27-year-old does not fit the robust playing style of the league.
According to 90 min, his injury history is also a hurdle that might prevent some clubs from doing so.
This season, too, the two-time national player already missed out on 19 competitive games due to a shoulder injury.

I feel comfortable, of course. I’m currently here in the sixth year. It does not exist so typically, Mahmoud Aloud informed the Ruhr Nachrichten in mid-January and pushed after: We are in good discussions.