Now, is it PlayStations turn?

During the last weeks, Xbox and Nintendo offered us a look at their future through a couple of digital presentations.
In this way, it seems that it is only a matter of PlayStation doing the same, something that a famous insider of the industry ensures next month.
Recently, Jeff Grubs, famous Insider of the media, said that the next State of Play would take place next March.
However, they better not wait a high-level presentation, since it has been mentioned that this event would be low profile.

This was what he commented:

There will be a state of play very soon.
There will be more announced games, but they do not raise your expectations much because it will be a very low profile state of play.
Let’s see, it’s February 9, let’s say that in a month or probably before.
At the moment, there is no official information by PlayStation about a new State of Play.
However, considering that in March 2022 one of these events was carried out, many are eager for this to also be the case of this year.
Considering that outside Marvels Spider-Man 2 there are no more strong releases for 2023, at least as far as we know, a state of play is something that many expect to see.
However, Grubs has pointed out that the March presentation would not be so great, since prior to June we would see another event of this type, with more and better ads.
We can only wait for PlayStation to share official information.
In related issues, you can see the official unboxing of the PlayStation VR2 here.
Similarly, increase in new PlayStation users.
Editor’s note:
A state of play is more than necessary.
However, if Grubs’s information is successful, it seems that we will have to wait a couple of months to see something that really is worth it.


While the PS5 will have several exclusive Third Party, we still have to know the offer of First Party.