Brew Potions with River Grass: Buy and Breed River Grass for Focus in Hogwarts Legacy

As a witch or magician, it is likewise part of everyday school life in Hogwarts Legacy to brew potions.


Teacher Sharp teaches us exactly that in his lessons and after that has a couple of additional tasks for us.
In the secondary mission Teacher Sharps Task 1 we need to evaluate a focus and procure.
Even afterwards the focus is a product that can be beneficial to us.
It is great to understand how to get river grass that we require to brew.
For this we require river grass:
OUTRANK: Track, which reduces the subscription time of the spell
Felix Felicia (liquid joy): Lifts an in-game day all chests on the minimal (take care! Specifically for PS4 & PS5 pre-orders).

purchase river grass pressures and river grass seeds.

Either we can purchase the river grass tribes-the part of the river grass we need for the potions-or get seeds for the plant to grow it yourself.
We can buy both the river grass beams and the seeds in Hogsmeade from the supplier for seeds, fertilizer and fresh goods: the magical beet.
Company: The magical beet (Hogsmeade).
Price per river grass stem: 150 billions.
Cost seeds: 350 billions.
The wonderful beet card.
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type river grass.

If you have actually got the seeds, you can grow and harvest them yourself.
It is essential to meet a few prerequisites.
You also need the area of dreams and a plant table with big pots.
How to open the space of dreams, you can read here:.

0 1.
Hogwarts Legacy.
How you find the area of wishes and what you can do with it.
You can buy the magic directions for a plant table with big pots-quasi the plan to set it up in the area of wishes-in Hogsmeade at Walker and Scroll Airs.
Business: Walker and Scrolls (Hogsmeade).
Rate plant table with a big pot: 1,000 billions.
Price plant table with 2 large pots: 3,000 billions.
Tab # 1 Tab # 2.
If you have placed a plant table with a big pot in the room of the desires (expenses a maximum of 30 moonstones), all you have to do is apply the seeds to a saucepan and wait until the river grass is completely grown, and you can gather the river grass stems.
The extension period for river grass is 15 genuine minutes.
A little idea: If you wish to increase the yield, uses fertilizer, which you can likewise easily buy in Hogsmeade.
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