XXL Trailer Analysis: Uncovering the Secrets of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

That doesn’t seem to be the case, no, essentially it is anomalies.
The brand-new, far more powerful Malice is changing monster, creates entirely brand-new ones and thus a fresh wave of fearsome threats to break in over Rule.
Among other things, the flying animals, which we mentioned previously, however also spy ads, the creepy zombies from the Zelda series, especially in their Ocarina-of-Time liberation in the mid-1990s for much childhood injury
should have.
Oh, and did you notice the huge, three-person dragon that beings in a scene on the bridge over Lake Julia?
We are pretty sure that this is a Greek.
This is the fourth manager, the link in the extremely first Legend of Zelda for NEW and a few more times in later series parts.
So you can see: Just like Breath of the Wild, the designers most likely focus on the big swimming pool of Zelda-Lore rather of producing new animals for the video game world and making the widely known frightening and incredibly impressive than ever before.
It likewise worked wonderful with the lines!

mining worker link

Let’s go back in the trailer.
In this brief series with the flying island, we see among the floating cubes hanging listed below.
And that is further proof that they too serve to transfer link into the air.
At the very end of the video we even see in all clarity how one of the wonderful lifts roared through the location.
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A new trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom also indicates: A brand-new analysis of all the secrets and hints that we discovered in it!
Before the game appears solely for Nintendo Switch in a couple of months, namely on May 12, 2023, we put the glasses with the particularly thick glasses again and broke them into their individual parts just over two minutes.
We hope you have fun!
Oh, and as a basis for this analysis, our two previous analysis videos are certainly taking a look at, or read the posts that we have actually connected here for you: Analysis 1 and Analysis 2.


Rule has actually changed

We start with an appearance over Rule.
And yes, it was finally validated what everybody had actually expected: It will be provided weather once again in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (now buy EUR 57.99)!
What, that does not hit you from the stool?
Well, then prefer a couple of other information: Again we see among the green spiral constructs that have appeared everywhere in the video game world given that Breath of the Wild and will probably be among the possibilities, like link to the flying islands over Rule.
In the distance, it sprays alarmingly red from the Death Mountain, however, as we have actually experienced in the last trailer, this is not a lava, however the mud of hate.
By the way, we will refer to the compound for the remainder of the post with its English name, Malice, if that’s okay.
Doesn’t sound so foolish.
In the next shot we see new, flying opponents that cruise around over wood structures that are similar to the Goblin camp from Breath of the Wild.
And yes, now we stated Goblin and not goblin;
It comes late, however we excuse this mistake from the last short article or video.
Absolutely keep in mind the new flight critters, we will come back to you later on!
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Big analysis for the new story trailer!
(4) Source: Nintendo
Now it will be interesting: We can not presently evaluate what the brilliant structure in the middle is all about.
Is that one of the drawings on the ground that we saw them in the last trailer that may function as a type of signpost?
The 2 towers on the right and left of it are even complete stranger.
We understand from the last trailers: The widely known Shaikh towers from Breath of the Wild no longer exist.
Or have you just not revealed to keep the presence of these brand-new towers trick?
Our theory: These dark, apparently corrupted towers are Shaikh tower.
Which that were taken into possession by Canon’s Malice.

evil chunks

With this we jump forward in the trailer, to the scene right after Canon’s threatening speech: substantial pieces with Malice fly through the location.
In the background, the blood moon occupies everything that, as we understand from the predecessor, can revive the fallen creatures of wicked and give them additional strength.
In Tears of the Kingdom, Canon, or Ganondorf, as we must rather call him in his now humankind, will not be the lazy body that we have seen in the trailers so far.
No, obviously he will play a considerably more direct role from the start than just the upcoming catastrophe in the background, as Canon’s devastation in Breath of the Wild was.
He speaks to his Away, he plainly has a lot more strength than he had before;
This is Ganondorf at a new emphasis of his wicked power.

it was born a ganondorf

Later in the trailer we see his renewal, located in the scene that we currently know from the really first teaser to Tears of the Kingdom.
The wonderful hand that had held him back in this dark cave seems to have actually failed.
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Big analysis for the brand-new story trailer!
(18) Source: Nintendo
In the surge, the Rule Castle tears out of its structures and, together with all the flying islands, increasing to paradise, we see a shadow that looks like an animal like an individual.

We presume that it is Ganondorf, who is once again all set to take his function as the prince of evil and servant of all complimentary individuals from Rule.
What does that relate to the creatures now?
Well, Ganondorf’s power recovered appears to be able to do so much more with his subordinated monsters than in the past.
We have already seen in the last trailer that the enemies are using new horns and hypothesized in our last analysis that it might be beasts from a different period.

all my monsters