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Wild Hearts Preload and Unlock Times for All Platforms

After months of waiting, Wild Hearts finally arrives just over 10 days of the launch, and the discussion about preload times has emerged.
Preload and unlock times are a difficult topic to discuss, since it is not always clear when players can start downloading and then play the game.


So today, let’s talk the preload and unlock times for all Wild Hearts platforms.

When can Wild Hearts be preloaded on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC?

Image source: EA through
According to EA Answers, preload deadlines for each Wild Hearts platform are the following:
15, 2023
Xbox Series X | S-TBA
At the moment, PS5 is the only console that is confirmed, but it is safe to assume that the other platforms, Xbox Series X | S and PC, will also do the same at that same time.
However, that is only the preload, and not when the game is officially launched so that everyone can play.

What time is Wild Hearts launched?

Wild Hearts officially launches on February 2.
17, 2022, on all platforms, so, at least, the game will officially launch at midnight, 12 am est.
It is also configured to be multiplatform, so you can play multiplayer with your friends on PlayStation, even if you are an Xbox player.
That is all you need to know about the times of preload and unlocking of Wild Hearts.
Be sure to consult our last Wild Hearts guides, as how long it takes to complete the game and below.
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