Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods: Download and Install Guide for PC Players

As you can expect, the Molders community has taken advantage of Hogwarts Legacy since its initial access to prepare some files, allowing you to turn your trip to Hogwarts with a magic wand.
From funny mods to the most useful, let’s see together which one draw the most attention at this time of official release of the game.

The best mods to download

You must go to Nexus mods and have an account on the site to start downloading the game mods.
This list will be updated regularly in the coming weeks.
As the game has just been released, the list does not include mandatory content, but we hope someone is analyzing a revision of the horrible interface of the game.
Thomas oom, the train: just for fun.

PC molders have acquired the very good habit of integrating Thomas, the train in one way or another in all 3D games since Skyrim.
Arachnophobia mode: Yes, those who freak out the smallest appearance of a spider risk having a Omnipaque playing Hogwarts Legacy.


You can thank Works, who replaces spiders with boxes (which should make these ridiculous struggles, by the way).
Pale and darker skin: This is the most popular MOD at the moment.
This adds skin color shades when creating your character.
Reshape Realism: A great classic to improve the visual quality of a game simply playing with its colors, notably saved The Witcher 3 at the time of its release.
Be careful, you will need reshape to apply these settings.
Remove Fog: Remove any effects that may be considered visual discomfort such as fog or motion blur.
This mod is customizable.

a MOD VR in progress

Developing by Pray dog, a MOD VR for Hogwarts Legacy is really in production.
With a playground as sumptuous as Hogwarts, it’s hard not to fall into temptation, because some privileged have been able to test a first version and the result is furiously envied.
There is currently no scheduled release date.