Discover how to open the mysterious Eye Boxes in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts consists of lots of tricks within it, using fantastic benefits to those efficient in identifying them.
In Hogwarts Tradition, chests with an eye drag around a few passages.
Far too suspicious to be approached, you have to find the way to approach them without threat.
And for that, absolutely nothing better than a little magic to vanish and take their material without being observed.
As constantly, such a guide has numerous spoilers.
If we have restricted them to the maximum, the names of the missions and particular goals are detailed there.

How to open the chests with an eye?

Prior to you can think about dating these chests, you will have to advance in the main mission to open a spell.
Disillusionment, enabling its user to make themselves undetectable, just subtle throughout a really precise mission.
This last since the secrets of the library reserve and asks you to introduce you there thanks to this fate.
As soon as the quest is over, you can utilize this magic when you want.
However, do these chests deserve it, do they consist of an extraordinary loot?
Yes and no.
They are really useful at the start of the video game since permitting 500 For pieces.


When too advanced in the video game, this weak reward may therefore not be sufficient.