Discover the Thrill of Delrezz and Detect in Tron: Identity by Bithell Games, Now Available on Switch!
Remember when Tron was just a Disney cult film of the 80s?
We probably have Kingdom Hearts II and Tron: legacy to thank for their reactivation (although we know that there have been many small Tron projects over the years).
Now, we will get a new game set in the Tron Universe on April 11 in the form of a tron: Identity.
Previous for PC and other consoles, the Switch port was revealed during the Nintendo Direct of February 2023, and has a slightly different approach to other games set in the Tron Universe.
Developed by the award-winning Bit hell Games studio, known for creating Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex, Tron: Identity is a visual novel with detective elements.
As Query, you must keep the grid and investigate a search and rebuild the truth of this abandoned digital world.
The decisions and choice of words are fundamental here to discover the secrets and locate the suspects, and everything is compiled by that visually impressive tron aesthetics.
Do you need the truth?
This is what you can expect from the game:
-A new extension of the Tron franchise-unlocks a server never seen before new and original programs to join forces or oppose.
-Beautiful art-made characters-see how history comes alive through detailed characters and exclusive design.
-Construction of worlds and narration enriched: in a completely new grid with its own nuanced structure, there is much to discover about the programs and places that surround it.
-Reveals memories-The truth of the case is hidden in the identity discs of those around you.
Fragment your discs to navigate the complex road to a solution in these unique puzzles.
-A mystery, many endings-Your choices will determine the result you see, with a protagonist that lets you take the reins and do not corner in a single approach.
-Developed by the award-winning team behind Thomas Was Alone and Circular Subsurface-presented by a team immersed in science fiction stories, we are incredibly excited to share this game with you.
Images: Bit hell Games Images: Bit hell Games
Tron: Identity brings Switch on April 11.
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