Is Riot Games & Amazons Partnership Over? What Happens Next?

All users who have Amazon Prime benefit from many advantages if they are gamers, especially with League of Legends.
Once a month, Mob fans benefited from exclusive rewards:
350 RP
5 mythical essences
200 orange essences
Permanent 1350 RP Assembly without owner
5 champion fragments
2 Apartments of Eternal of Series 1
Increase of exposes of 30 days
However, on January 29, a new gift capsule should have arrived for League of Legends followers and could unlock in their store.
Once that date has exceeded, the company has extended the deadline for a few more days to achieve the January reward, which has generated some concern and skepticism that this agreement could be broken or that it is modified soon.

What will happen to this agreement?

Now you can open several roads that both companies can take on this agreement, although one of these we discard it, since we do not consider that the new rewards that arrive will be the same as those at first:
That Amazon and Riot renew the contract and everything remains the same
That Amazon and Riot renews their contract, but that leaves down (especially in League of Legends) reducing free rewards
That both companies put an end to their agreement and do not launch more capsules in their titles due to the losses and template cuts that they have suffered in recent weeks (something that seems unlikely).


Another of the things that must be taken into account so that this firm has been delayed is the cyberattack that Riot Games has suffered in recent weeks, which will have forced the creative company of League of Legends, which could have slowed down the
Negotiations between these two multinationals.
What is clear is that it still seems that both parties do not go in the same tune and that a solution will arrive soon and there we will know what settings will make to continue offering these exclusive rewards to Amazon Prime customers.