Why DC Films Executives Decided Not To Release Batgirl On Streaming Platforms And What It Means For

A few months ago Warner Bros. Discovery was committing a series of changes in the company, which included removing some shows from the HBO Max platform, as well as canceling life programs.
One of the productions that were directly affected was the Batgirl movie, which has a specific reason not to see daylight.
As mentioned, canceling Batgirl’s film was the right decision because launching it would have hurt DC, something mentioned by the co-director of DC Studios, Peter Saran.
The executive talked about the film during an event this week he attended with the Variety media.
This as part of the changes that will start with a new Superman tape.
Here what he mentioned:

In fact, I think Slav and the team made a very bold and brave decision to cancel it because it would have harmed DC.
It would have harmed the people involved.


The executive said that Batgirl’s story is one that will inevitably be included in the broadest DC plans, but not yet:

I saw the movie, and there are many incredibly talented people in front and behind the camera in that movie.
But that movie could not be released, and sometimes happens.
That movie could not be released.
That means that there could be a Batgirl movie in the CEO’s plans, but for now the material that was already created would be discarded from the equation.
Thus having a new opportunity to introduce the DC movies universe.

Via: Game spot
Editor’s note: Maybe canceling it was the worst, but seeing actors as big as Michael Keaton would have brought a lot of nostalgia.
We’ll see what happens to what you have prepared in the future.