Destiny 2

Update Your Destiny Child Game With Two New Childs: Naga and Morgan


Shift-up (CEO Kim Hyung-hyun) has updated regular raids that add two new children in their mobile game Destiny Child.

In this raid, which runs for two weeks from February 2, the last successor of the Xi amen family, ‘Nāga’ and ‘Morgan’, who wants to defend Bare, appears as a new child, and as the main story of the sweet match on Amos Island as the main story.
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Through play, the user can acquire the new Child ‘Nāga’, the 5-star Prism CARTA Summon Ticket, and the new skin ‘Dating Nāga’.

As a new skin, two kinds of skin-only skins and Soul CARTA ‘Sweet and Spicy’ have been added.

At the same time, the company introduced the function of managing the child’s bathing as a batch of ‘hot spring’ content that enhances child’s favor and exerts powerful stats in battle.

Meanwhile, the single play raid ‘Reign Burst’, which challenges the highest level boss, will take place in the same period.

More details on this update can be found in the official Destiny Child Community.