Kylian Mbappes Double Whammy: First Shot, Then Injured – What Does It Mean For PSG?


2 bad shots and one injury: Kylian Mbappé and Paris St. German experienced a memorable night less than two weeks before the battle with Bayern Munich.
The French champ won 3-1 (0-0) in the HSC Montpellier at risk of transfer HSC Montpellier on Wednesday.
A blessing of superstar Mbappé might weigh heavily.
The striker needed to be changed after 20 minutes, Mbappé kept holding the back of the left thigh.
On February 14, PSG welcomes Bavaria to the round of 16 in the Champions League, the 2nd leg in Munich is increasing on March 8th.
We think it is absolutely nothing severe, said PSG coach Christophe Cartier after the video game and gave a very first all-clear: The players did not wish to take any risk, it does not look awful.
At the time of his replacement, Mbappé had actually shown unusual weaknesses in a curious way.
Montpellier’s goalkeeper Benjamin Become initially held a penalty of the vice world champion, which needed to be repeated.
Mbappé’s 2nd attempt likewise fended off Become, but Mbappé then put the margin over the goal (10th).
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Quickly after the top star’s replacement, the game ended (31st) for Sergio Ramos, the Spaniard needed to be thought of concussion.
Fabian (55th), world champ Lionel Messi (72nd) and Warren Zaire-Emery (90. +2) satisfied for PSG, Arnaud Nordic (89.) shortened in the last phase.

Fabian (55th), world champion Lionel Messi (72nd) and Warren Zaire-Emery (90.