FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: The TOTY Challenge 2 SBC Cheapest Solution & Future Stars Swaps Token Explained

Future Stars will soon take over from Group of the Year in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing loads of new players to the video game!

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Learn the most inexpensive service to complete the TONY Obstacle 2 SBC in FUT 23 right here and earn a Future Stars Swaps Token at the same time.

TONY Challenge 2 SBC

You have a week to complete the TONY Challenge 2 SBC, so make sure you do not miss it!

Start Date: Tuesday, 31 January

Expiry Date: Tuesday, 7 February

How to Total

To earn a Rare Gold Pack and a Future Stars Swaps Token for Smith you will require to complete simply one obstacle.

TONY Obstacle 2

  • Optimum 4 players from the very same League

  • Minimum three players from the same Nation

  • Optimum 3 players from the exact same Club
  • Minimum 5 Rare players
  • Minimum 65 Team Rating
  • Minimum 25 Total Team Chemistry Points

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Rewards-1 x Rare Gold Pack, 1 x Future Stars Swaps Token Smith

Estimated Cost-4,250 coins


You can use the following players to complete the TONY Obstacle 2 SBC:

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