Genshin Impact Second Blooming Event: Your Guide To Participating In The Battle Domains

The Genshin Impact Second Blooming event is held from January 31, 2023, until February 13, 2023, and includes battles based on domains with the participation of several teams.
By participating, you can get Lisa Skin for free, a Sobriquet Under Shade.

How to unlock the Genshin Impact Second Blooming event

You must fulfill the following conditions to unlock the event:
Reach the adventure rank 20 or higher.
Full prologue: Act III-Song of the Dragon and Freedom
Complete Lisa’s plot quest, head of Tempos Fug it: Act I-Trublessome Work
You also need access to the pounder, as the domain of events is in the forest of Maine.
Having fulfilled the requirements, you automatically unlock the quest of events called long and carefree holidays of the librarian.
It all starts with a conversation with Effendi near the board of the reputation to the pile, and then a meeting with Lisa and Ga fur in the Pupa café.
Go to the forest of Mails and talk with Ga fur to completely unlock the event.

Game Mechanics of the Genshin Impact Second Blooming event

The composition of enemies and a multiple of glasses

Teleports to the domain of the event in the forest of Malta to start five combat stages that open throughout the entire period of the event.
Click on the stage on which you want to play to get an overview of enemies that will appear in every round.
This will help you form the best commands to confront each wave.
Take a certificate of setting your own points on the basis of your preferences.
Enemies become stronger as a multiple of glasses increases, but as a result you also gain more points.
In complex mode, you can get about 20,000 points per stage, and you need only 8,000 to get all awards (2,000 for Prisoners and Lisa skin).

Formation of the team

Four trial characters will be provided to you in addition to your existing composition to form three teams.
You can have some symbols of the connection between the two stages, which means that you can use them twice.

We recommend that you place your strongest characters in these places.
Related characters will receive a bonus buff that differ depending on the stage-for details, see the lower right corner.

Configuration of the skill

You can strengthen your team by setting up skills.
Click on the buttons to the right of each command staff to choose preferred buffs.
Each skill can occupy only one slot and will strengthen only the command to which it is assigned.

Combat Challenge

After starting, interact with the marker in the center of the room to start the test or change the order of the characters.
Start testing-call the round of enemies.
They will appear in waves, and you must defeat them in the allotted time.

  • Change the order of characters-you can change the position of your characters for more comfortable rotation.
    You cannot change the characters themselves, and the bound symbols will not change regardless of their position.


After the completion of all three rounds, you will receive a general account.
Go to the details of the event to get your awards.
Meanwhile, you can press the equipment to get Lisa’s skin after fulfilling preliminary conditions: Follow all five tests and get a total score of 10,000 in all five.
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