Why did Gun Devil Men Bleed And Fell Into Chainsaw Man? Explained. In Episode 11 Of Chainsaw Man,

In episode 11 of Chainsaw Man, while Aka assaults Katina Man’s hiding place, he meets several henchmen on his way to find the nemesis with a sword face.
The muscular hired is with a mysterious and inexplicable destiny when they face Aka, which leaves many with doubt.


Why Gun Devil’s men bleed and collapsed unexpectedly.
We have unraveled the mystery to you.

Why did Maxima need Yakuza names?

Men who fall apparently randomly in a puddle of their own nasal hemorrhage are victims of Maxima’s devil’s skills.
Through the manipulation of force, the master mind behind the Special Division 4 renewed can inflict cranial damage to its enemies without having to move a finger or even touch its objectives.
The power of Maxima to cause a distance butcher shop has been well documented from episode 9, in which he used 30 prisoners at the top of a sanctuary as sacrifice meat for a bloody attack on hundreds of kilometers away.
The flexion of the force that demonstrated in episode 11 is a diluted version of its most lethal and explosive ability.
Before Aka’s enemies collapse in the corridors of the hiding place, Maxima makes a threat not so veiled to the Yakuza and her men after revealing a bag of eyes that belong to their loved ones.
Maxima wants the names of his men and men from other families and uses the frightening bag of gifts as a lever.
Enraged by the movement, a henchman hit Maxima, who placidly looks at his aggressor in his eyes while the blood springs from his nose before he doubles on the ground.
As mentioned in episode 9, Maxima needs the names of its objectives if you want to inflict them from distance.
She leaves her meeting with the chief of Yakuza in episode 11 with a smile of satisfaction on her face, apparently having obtained the names she is looking for.
It is not a coincidence, then, that men with their weapons point directly to AKA are sent conveniently at the right time, when Maxim
the revenge.
Without even shooting a shot.
That is all you need to know about why people bleed and fell into episode 11 of Chainsaw Man. If you enjoyed this reading, be sure to review the answers to more questions from Chainsaw Man, like who is the angel devil and if
Aka used the cursed sword in episode 11.
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