Is The Sony Dual-Sense Edge Controller Worth It?

Sony has recently released their new Dual-Sense Edge controller for the PS5, a sleek and slim design that promises to take your gaming experience to the next level. But is it worth the hefty price tag of 240 euros? In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this controller and see if it’s really worth investing in.

On January 26, 2023, Sony wants to put a personalized controller on the marketplace with the Dual sense Edge.
Sony blogs about the new superior controller that he is intended mainly at all PS5 owners who, for example, like to complete in competitive multiplayer titles with other gamers.
In addition, the dual-sensense EDGE also offers all kinds of tricks such as interchangeable back button, which can be covered with the wanted crucial input, adjustable trigger distances for the L2 & R2 keys, in addition to various embroidery cap versions for the analog sticks, which are likewise separately interchangeable.

dual sense edge is even worse in an important point than the initial

All these functions offer the Danseuse EDGE a rate tag of a remarkable 239.99 euros, further replaceable embroidery modules are provided for 24.99 euros.
In addition, the controller comes with some devices, which is provided in a protective bag.
All in all, it seems as if the Danseuse Edge is a handsome competitor for Microsoft’s elite series, who have actually long been considered the very best controllers for many gamers.
But as The Verse now found in her preview, there is a pretty serious issue with Sony’s new input device.


The way it looks, the battery of the brand-new dual sensual Edge is not precisely exceptional.
According to The Brink, it is even weaker than the battery of the normal dual-sensense controller, which was confirmed by Sony himself in a statement:
The operating time of the Wireless Danseuse Edge controller is rather much shorter than that of the original cordless double sensuous controller, since we have integrated lots of more functions into the same type factor and the very same ergonomic design.
, discover effective functions.
It was only today that Sony has actually released a new blog site post for her approaching premium controller, however the weaker battery is not a word here.

There are no official figures for the typical controller’s battery, however at finest it ought to last up to 15 hours.
The Double Sense Edge will therefore be settled at about 10 hours of operation.
With its Elite Series 2, Microsoft promises an operating time of approximately 40 hours, at a lower purchase cost.
Sony is focused on competitive gamers with the double sen sense Edge, who for the most part rely on a connection by cable television anyway.
The company’s declaration for that reason continues:
In addition, the longer braided USB cable is likewise perfect for competitive gamers who choose to have fun with a wired connection in order to avoid radio disorders to avoid the battery life.
Whether the rate of 239.99 euros is also warranted for a wireless controller, which one must at finest link by cable television, are justified.
At least the advertised features of the Danseuse Edge appear to work rather well, as we also found in our sneak peek of the controller.
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