The Day When A LOL Reddit Post Made It Seriously Win Your Cigar Back

More than two years ago Riot Games closed the official League of Legends forums, causing the Mob page on Reddit to become increasingly popular.
This is where developers tell news about the game and players discuss a series of game-related issues.
However, what seemed to be just a forum has already saved the original art of a lol champion: bass, and this is a story that marked the community, as a series of players united to make it work.

Graves without cigar?

In 2014, Riot Games removed from the original art of bass the cigar that the champion smokes.

The developer wanted to standardize her arts across the planet, but for that some questions needed to be resolved.
In some countries, the presence of tobacco in images increases the minimum age of rating indicative for games, just as with violence, alcohol and gender themes.


Because of this, bass was without his cigar and that became a meme in the community, which began to insist that Riot’s decision was a mistake.
Players have made a series of comparisons like Champion X may have Y, but serious can not have their cigar.
With the community insisting so much, Rioter Marc Tryndamere Merrill promised that if a post asking for the return of the cigar to the top of Lol’s Sueddit, then the cigarette would again belong to its owner.
Because a Reddit user called Simplified created a topic on April 1, 2017, with the following title: Our Lord and Salvador Merrill said that if this post reaches the top of R/ALL, he will give racing to bass again
Quickly, the community’s victory came true, with the post reaching over 68,000 positive karma points, a popularity scale used by Reddit.
Thus, Riot fulfilled its promise some time later, in April 2017, when Tryndamere published a photo of bass with his cigar.
These things do not always happen, but this time, the community has won.