Netmarbles A3: Steel Alive Christmas Update

Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 20th that it will add new shoes and soul runners to the Battle Royale MMORPG ‘A3: Steel Alive’ (developer Net marble Into) and hold a red lighthouse event.

The new shoe ‘Piqué’ and the Soul Runner ‘Tito’, which were produced to commemorate the upcoming New Year, are designed with magpies and rabbits, respectively.
With the emergence of the new shoe, the stages of shoe transcendence have been expanded to 9 stages and the Sch wills Pact to 1,500 levels, and the Soul Runner slot has been added.

‘Red Lighthouse’ is an event that kills monsters in a 20th floor, and a powerful boss appears on the floor of the 4 drainage, and can be rewarded higher than the ‘red lighthouse’ event in the past.


In particular, if you participate in this event, you can acquire ‘Piqué’ and ‘Tito’.
At the same time, for Christmas, the guild hangout was renovated in the winter atmosphere and opened ‘Guild Logging Season 3’.

In addition, Net marble will hold a ‘Christmas Lucky Box’ event, which provides six special gifts from December 25 to December 26, and when the fake Santa Poke, which appeared in Hayden, is a fake Santa Eyes, a Christmas costume.
‘The event will be held until the 26th of next month.

In addition, the ‘jumping daily lucky box’ event will be held until January 9th, which will be presented until January 26, which will be held until January 26.

For more information about A3: Steel Alive, visit the official forum.