Rioters Dont Want To Promote Wild Rift Because They Cant Promise 100% Completion.

Riot Games has been one of the companies that has had the most direct contact with people through social networks.


The riots have given many answers to the various unknowns asked by users both by social networks and the contact roads that Riot makes available to listen to questions from the community.
However, in recent months and especially in League of Legends, the riots have not been so active in networks, as far as this aspect is concerned, and all this has an explanation.

Riot Earth slug, Skins Chief at Wild Rift, commented on his Twitter account the main reason for this silence and is quite obvious: they do not want to talk about something they don’t know for sure if it will happen.

They will only talk about what can be fulfilled 100%

Earth slug published the following: This goes for anyone who wonders why the rioters are silent about future plans even though they are constantly asked. We do not want to promise something that can change. We just want to talk about something that will happen totally
100%. Send us spam for more information will not help and will not change the roadmaps we have scheduled.
In this answer in which he made this statement, he confirmed that there will be a new Wild Pass that will arrive in the middle of 2023: And as I want to prove my point, I cannot confirm or deny any aspect for Wild Rift next year. However, to
Half the year will arrive at Wild Pass a new line of exclusive aspects of Wild Rift.
In this way, Riot has taken a step back in regard to his communication to try