Meet Your Maker arrives in the spring

Meet Your Maker is a new IP from the Québécois Studio Behavior Interactive, unveiled with a rather vague release date last august.

Project led by the Québécois Studio Behavior Interactive, Meet Your Maker was revealed last August with a rather vague release date.
Things have sped up because and the latter will therefore happen quickly, not without going through a final step.
Expert in the asymmetrical gameplay with his effective video game by daytime, the Quebec studio Behavior Interactive repeats experience with Meet Your Maker.
Integrating the construction of camps-in which you will be complimentary to position guards, traps and numerous obstacles-and the attack of the approaches developed by other gamers, all in a devastated world, the title intends to be original and
concentrated on multiplayer.

And if we already understood that the task, prepared for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, would arrive next year, its passage to the Game Awards made it possible to learn a little
A date has taken shape, through a trailer, particularly April 4, 2023. That’s not all.


Undoubtedly, in the wake of this announcement, Behavior Interactive likewise indicated that an open beta will take location in the beginning of next year (around February without more details for the moment).
Involvement is easy: just register on the official game site. Be mindful nevertheless, this session will be reserved for PC variations.