Activision Blizzard: Antitrust Expert Holds FTCs Strategy Crazy

the american antitrust Expert, David Bodies, who successfully defended the United States in a suit against microsoft in 1998 has attacked Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for their strategy to block the takeover of Activision by the French group, Vivaldi. Mr Bodies is not an antitrust expert but it is his views are telling about how serious the FTC’s strategy might be

In conversation with Straight Arrow News, the antitrust law expert Douglas Me lamed is exceptionally skeptical of the technique of the FTC to avoid the takeover of activision blizzard by Microsoft.
The factor for this suspicion is likewise that the head of the FTC, Lina Khan, released publicly, has actually also made cases if there is no excellent proof, which me lamed then referred to as crazy.

I think that’s quite crazy, states Me lamed.
I think if you lose cases, the congress will most likely come to the conclusion that you have actually either sent bad cases or do not know how to negotiate them.


Douglas Me lamed is no stranger and speaks as an antitrust expert and from a position with experience in dealing with antitrust law.
At the time, as Principal Deputy Assistant Lawyer, he supported General in the cartel procedure against Microsoft in the 1990s and achieved success.
In the end, however, the procedure was partly reversed and Microsoft was compared to a comparison.