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Fortnite: Crossover with My Hero Academia Starts

My Hero Academia is a popular anime series focusing on the lives of superheroes. The hit game Fortnite just got an interesting crossover with the series, bringing My Hero Academia outfits to the Battle Royale game for players to unlock! In this article, you’ll find out what these new outfits are and how you can get them for yourself.

From now on, Fortnite players can dress up with 4 new outfits as their preferred character from the anime series My Hero Academia.
In the video game’s item store there are outfits to the figures Izuku Midoriyama, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo and Octavo Granada, all of which are equipped with a suitable back accessory and pick-up hoe.


Moreover, the 2 Emotes Izuku’s specialized and brave analysis, All Might transformation can be found in the shop.
In addition to the shop content, you can also finish time-limited hero orders in the Battle Royale or on the island of Hero Training Gym.
This opens 2 sprays, an emote and a back accessory.
The benefits from the orders appear like this:
Have a look at the brand-new material for My Hero Academic community in the trailer.
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