The Lt of Us: Its Not Going To Be A Dubbed Version Of The Game

The largest fans account of The Lt of Us in Spanish h exclusively announced that the impending HBO adaptation will feature the same voice actors the original game.
much it h changed actors in the series, Ellie, Joel and company will sound in Spain they have been doing since 2013. The cting and distribution of voices would be like this:
Ellie-Bella Ramsey-María Blanco
Joel-Pedro Pcal-Lorenzo Bet eta
Tommy-Gabriel Luna-Claudio Serrano
Sarah-Nico Parker-Christina Must
Tess-Anna Torv-Conchi López
Bill-Nick Offerman-Luis Banjo
Marlene-Merle Dandridge-ana Esther Alb org
Riley-Storm Reid-Sandra Java
Waiting to know if the same will happen in Latin America, the truth is that the adaptation of HBO seems to be taking care of the details, and that does not point only and exclusively to the fan of the saga and video games.


Cey Boys, the chief of contents of the platform, said a few weeks ago that the series will fall in love with anyone who likes a good history, that it is a universal product and that the company speaks of it internally the first great premiere of
Boys until he surprised with the pirations he h for the series, because the manager said that next year we will talk about both The Lt of Us we do today of Succession, White Lotus or Barry.
To follow their laureate steps, The Lt of Us could be the first video game adaptation to get an Emmy prize.

The Lt of Us in HBO: Output date of all chapters

But for now let’s not be bells on the fly and go step by step, episode to episode.
Let’s enjoy the way Pedro Pcal and Bella Ramsey will return to life Joel and Ellie.
Let us take once again for their adventures, walks and conversations.
Open the calendar and point the departure date of all the chapters of the first seon:
The Lt of Us Episode 1-January 15, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 2-January 22, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 3-January 29, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 4-February 5, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 5-February 12, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 6-February 19, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 7-February 26, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 8-March 5, 2023
The Lt of Us Episode 9-March 12, 2023