How To Catch Snowballs With Every Overwatch Hero During The Winter Wonderland Event

The Wonderland Hinterland event of Overwatch 2 has officially arrived for the Christmas season, with new arcade modes and festive cosmetics.
During this celebration, players can participate in Snowball Deathwatch to win rewards in a game of eight players all against all.
So, if you want to know how to catch snowballs at the Wonderland 2le Wonderland event we will show the steps you must follow to perform this practical trick.

How to catch a snowball at Overwatch 2 Snowball Deathwatch

Players can catch snowballs in Snowball Deathwatch from Overwatch 2 by pressing the melee button once an opponent throws a projectile in its direction.
For PlayStation and Xbox users, you can press R3/RS to perform this action, while PC players can press V. However, this procedure can be a challenge, since it must be scheduled correctly to catch the snowball.
That said, the best way to do this process is to put some distance between you and your adversary to have a better view of the shot.
Those who successfully trace a snowball in Overwatch 2 should see the word trapped in the center of their screen, as shown here:
Screen capture through
In return, the players will get a snowball for their ammunition instead of loading it from the lots of snow nearby.
You can also use Ma’s Cry-Freze to become invulnerable and heal during the game.


However, players can build a wall in front of them with the character’s ice wall.
While you play at these Winter Wonderland festivities, you can win rewards by completing challenges.
For example, players can get 1500 XP of the battle pass and the ornament spray when they catch six snowballs in Snowball Deathwatch.

So there you have it, this is how to catch snowballs at the Wonderland event of Overwatch 2. To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guides on all the hero’s equilibrium changes, all the
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