Each new feature of origin in the 19th season Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the 19th season began, the Seraphic season, which brought with it many new and improved features of origin.
These features of origin are additional advantages that are assigned by the weapon manufacturer.
For example, Wast weapons will not have a feature of the origin of the Moon or vice versa.
This can make the weapon a favorite for guardians, since the features of origin can really give the weapon personality.

What are the new features of Destiny 2 in the Seraphic season?

  • Rennet (increased)
    • Rebooting the closest allies overwhelms the store.

  • Drinking souls (increased)
    • Get an improved amount of health depending on the number of blows to rebooting.
  • Ambush-Seraphim’s weapon
    • Improves the range, controllability and damage against fighters in the initial moments of the battle.
  • Bray inheritance-Seraphim’s weapon
    • Damage restores a small amount of energy.


  • Dawn surprise-dawn weapon
    • A quick victory over goals gives a gift of dawn.
      The defeated powerful goals are considered more than one.
  • Hakka Heavy Burst Fireplace weapon
    • Shoots a less stable burst of two long-range shells with high damage.
  • Hakka Light Burst Fireplace weapon
    • Shoots a stable queue of four light cartridges.
  • Arsenal Rasputin.
    -Kilos weapons

    • Destruction of the target shield partially reloads the store of this weapon.
      The features of origin are included in each current version of the weapon.
      For example, in previous versions of Kilos weapons there will be no Arsenal Rasputin, and in versions of the season there will be seraphs.
      This gives the players a certain incentive for the farm of new versions in addition to the opportunity to create their own versions.
      Just try not to burn out, as it will be a long season with a lot of time to enjoy content.
      To learn more about Destiny 2, read the section How to get the codes of the Seraph in Destiny 2 in the game guidelines for professionals.