The best assembly of Sylveon for TERA RAIDS in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As a magical type Pokémon, Sylvan poses a threat to dragon, combat and dark term raids.
If you want to create your own Sylvan for TERM RAIDS in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, that’s what you need to know.

The best techniques that can be given to Sylvan for raid term

For TERM RAIDS, Sylvan should have the following techniques:
Lunar explosion (studied at 50)
Coverage, such as Hyper Voice and Psychic, TERM BLAST is also an option if your Sylvan has a unique type of term (all this is TM).
Calm mind (TM)
Light screen
With a natural high SP.
The attack, the lunar explosion is mandatory as a bonus attack of the same type (STAB).
And since his SP.
Protection is also high, Calm Mind will increase it and SP.
Attack for one stage.


This will help you configure its characteristics for Moon blast and other offensive special attacks.
The best nature for TERM RAID SYLVAN is a modest (+SP. Attack,-AAK).

You can even give him SP.
Items that increase the attack, such as Wise Glasses for an additional blow.
Bring to the maximum of its IV/EV, at least on its SP.
Nevertheless, Sylvan can also be used to support other Pokémon in the online battles of There with a light screen.
The light screen used against special attackers, such as Hangar, increases the special defense of your team every time it is used.
As a striker, Sylvan is useful only if Pokémon Term, against which he opens, is weak in relation to the fairy (dragon, combat or dark).
But as a supporter, you can bring him with you to five-seventh raids to support if Pokémon is not strong against the fairy (poison and steel).
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