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Marvel Snap: Update ings new cards, option to purchase specific cards and more

Marvel Snap continues his work after a successful release with a relatively large first update before the new December 2022 season. Developers are presenting the collector file system, which allows players to get specific cards they want. This is a big point for the monetization of the game, mainly because new cards were also introduced to this patch of Pools 4 and 5.

Collector Sheets

You can win them from the 500 collection level and use them at the tokens store to select new cards or the letter you were most waiting for. Collector tokens can be found in collector deposits or reserves, which are the boxes on the collection level trail from level 500.

The tokens store changes every eight hours, and as these cards often change, you are likely to find the letter you want to some quickly. If you do not have enough chips, you can block the letter in the store so that it does not change and buy it later. Certainly this change is welcomed by the community, as the fact that it received random letters was one of the most criticized points.

To make life easier for veteran players, Marvel Snap developers gave a series of collector chips based on the collection level, from 500.

  • NC 500-999: 3 thousand chips
  • NC 1000-2999: 6 thousand chips
  • NC 3000+: 12 thousand chips

Players who have not yet reached level 500 will receive 3,000 chips when reaching level 500.

Card Pool 4 and 5

Developer Second Dinner has introduced the new Pools 4 and 5, currently composed of 10 and 6 cards, respectively. Some already appeared in their games, but others not, and so they are completely new!

Series 4 Letters

  • Titania
  • She Hulk
  • Luke Cage
  • Absorbing man
  • Maria Hill
  • Agent Colson
  • Hericerrier
  • M’Baku
  • Autumn
  • Okra

Series Letters 5

  • Galactic
  • Valkyrie
  • Super Skull
  • Shari
  • Bast
  • Thanos

You have a chance to get the new letters from the collector’s deposit, the collector’s reservation and the tokens store. It is worth mentioning that, according to developers, players will be able to receive cards from the 4 series with all from the 3 series or not. Those in Series 5 can also be received, but are taken as the rarest of Marvel Snap and therefore 10 times rarer than the 4 series.

We do not expect players to get each of the cards in the Series 5 immediately, as not every card will be good or useful for every1. You will have to decide which of these cards is worth investing your chips, the developers report.


General updates

  • Card amplifiers no longer appear as deposit rewards and collector reserves. They were replaced by collector chips
  • We improved protection against bad luck for deposits and collector reserves. Going forward, players at the same level as the collection will have approximately the same number of cards.
  • By favoring a card variant (pressing the star button on the letter), now you have the option to use that variant automatically on all decks containing that letter.
  • During a match, players can now play the opponent’s avatar or their own to see the player titles through the Avatar pop-up menu.
  • The finish shift button is disabled for a few seconds when your opponent gives a snap. With this, it should be harder to accept a snap by accident.
  • We improve performance in application/loading times of the application.
  • We add support to Start Session with Apple to the PC.


  • We corrected the mix of the French narration
  • We improve translation into many languages
  • We corrected art problems in many letters
  • We improve communication when you try to log in to an older version through a different device
  • We corrected a mistake in which the game crashed if you had not set a name before the season started.
  • We corrected a problem that made some players arrested in the recruit season after the season was over.
  • We corrected a problem where the customer could close alone after changing language.


  • The letters bought by the white queen no longer appear in your hand.
  • We improved Agatha Harkness dialogue to refer to amplifiers instead of Exp. Letter
  • Daredevil’s visual effects no longer appear on the game’s results screen.
  • The visual effects of the danger room will now be reproduced consistently when destroying a letter.
  • Raven’s visual effects are no longer reproduced to you by dragging a letter when it is on your opponent’s side.
  • Red omega at the sinister bar no longer creates visual effects that no longer stop repeating.
  • Buying a variant of the daily offers section will no longer make the button invisible the next time you update.
  • The main art of the title screen will carry correctly when booting the game.
  • We updated the buy button interface for things how to update mission in order to remove part of the text, as it was too small in most languages.
  • Collector’s deposit/reserve icons are displayed correctly if focused after you earn a new card through them.
  • The claimed interface is now displayed over, not under the deposits of the season.
  • The amplifiers of the Lord of the Star will now have the right color at the end of the game.

  • The bets will be folded correctly if the limbo is transformed into another place in the 6th round and finish the game.
  • Electron’s ability should be properly removed when it is hit by the host.
  • IOS devices will not have one more failure above the seasoning passage image.
  • We improve morph’s animation when it is revealed (it takes less time to morph than before).
  • We have improved the icons/the source used in the power value in viewing card details in the game, so as not to be bold and burst.
  • Playing cards in rapid succession will no longer reproduce the visual effects of previous cards.
  • We add sound effects to when touching the enemy avatar.
  • We adjust the collision of the buttons in the navigation bar so that there is less overlap.
  • We corrected the error of the pop-up bug report and settings in the game does not appear/process touches correctly.
  • The AT site now doubles the cubes correctly in the final shift (in this case, the 4th round)
  • Best communication for when you have all the infinite eaking combinations of a letter.
  • [PC] You can sail correctly through the full-screen decks if you have more than five of them.
  • [PC] We corrected a problem where the game window was redefined when opening the settings and changing scenario then