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MUSPELHEIM GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK Arena: Where to find seeds and all the challenges of crucible?

God of War Ragnarök likes to reuse elements of the previous game, while developing your recipe, even if, in this case, we would like them to be beyond. Anyway, crucible continues with challenges as difficult as interesting for you.


In this guide, we show the location of the two seed halves needed to unlock the Mülheim arena. In addition to citing which tests are available to do in Go Ragnarök crucible.

Unlock the museum crucible

As Odin locked the travel gates between the kingdoms, it will be necessary to find two special seed halves to open access.

Svalfheim-extractor of Modvitnir

The first half of the Mülheim seed can be found in the legendary chest of Modvitnir extracting in Waldheim Bay. You will recover this legendary chest very simply during the secondary mission Asgard’s service.

Svalfheim-Abisma de Alberich

The second half of the seed is also hidden in Starvalfheim, but is not accessible until much later in history. It requires putting your hands on showing Draper and using it to explore areas previously inaccessible in the region. Pass the Dragon Beach, then climb the area to reach the abyss of Alberio. The second half of the seed will be in a chest in the area of a boss.

How do the crucible arenas work?

With the seeds of the seed, it is possible to travel to the Mülheim arena. The crucible has three small arenas behind the main stage. Each offers two different events. Complete at least five of the first six challenges to unlock the next wave of activities.

  • Each successful attempt will give you a chest full of rewards. They are also repeatable, with rewards each time, if you want.
  • After validating five events, three new ones will appear in the three arenas. They must be completed to activate the large central arena in the middle of the area.

Main Arena: Unlock the tests with Runic Codes

The operation is more complex than it seems. Once activated, you will be entitled to one of the six major events possible. The task depends on the order of the smaller arenas you have completed. After completing the test, you will receive a single legendary chest, with some great items inside, such as the Surer armor.

  • As you will find out below, the cross in the center of the arena is again disabled. To hold the next event, you must redo two smaller arena events. But there is a subtlety, each smaller arena corresponds to a blue rune. When choosing which arenas to do and in which order, it will create a different combination, with a different test.
  • As there are three smaller arenas, this means that there are six different main events, obtained by the combination of different runes.
  • The easiest way is to observe the ight blue runes in the main arena (on the floor) and the swords of each arena. This indicates the combinations that still need to be made.

  • All you need to do is list the combinations and compare them with the rune on the cross of each arena. The order in which you perform the tests is important.

  • The possible combinations are: FN, FR, NF, NR, RF and RN.

You can choose any event from the smaller arenas, so go to what you like best or find easier. What will depend on your own skill and/or style of play.

List of main events

The smaller tests can be completed even with a little light equipment, but the largest are really utal. We advise you to finish the second pass in Anaheim, including the optional zone of the crater, before you get here.

1. FN resistance challenge

You just have to stay alive until the end. Just eliminate 99 enemies without dying.


Kill minions to eak the elite enemy’s shield.

3. Circle of Fireand NF

Stay inside the circle of fire while defeating enemies. Be careful as Rates cannot be revived with resurrection stone if it is on fire.


Survive for 5 minutes (300 seconds) until time is over. It also contains a circle of fire in the area.

5. Challenge of the RF Apricots

Defeat all enemies. The strategy for eliminating the apparitions is the same, stunning the boss and destroying the pillars to take his life.

6. Festival Challenge of Heads-Runas RN

Defeat a series of challenging enemies.

Items given in these challenges:

  • Ardent embers
  • Flammable embers
  • ight embers
  • Divine ashes
  • XP
  • Hack silver

Remembering once again that these items are farmable. Every time you complete a challenge, the corresponding chest will come with the rewards