New art of Jojos begins the countdown to the end of Stone Ocean


Very few days are missing for more episodes of Dojos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, an event that has fans excited, since it means the end of one of the most important arches. And for that the brand itself has excited people with a publication, which shows a certain key character within history.

The official Twitter account by Dojos Bizarre Adventure shared a new Foo Fighters sketch, in honor of the fallen stand, and took the opportunity to prepare fans for the end. There are elements that are already known due to manga, but others completely exclusive to the television series, so the surprise elements are always present.

Here is the illustration:

Anime Dojos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Episode 25 ~ Final Episode 38 Exclusive World Presentation in Netflix from 1/12 (Thursday)! !

6 more days until the delivery begins!

Today we launched an illustration of Foo Fighters from the secondary characters designer Key Touching!

In news related to this anime. Recently a new trailer was revealed that will excite those who are already waiting for the release of the chapters in Netflix. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: The end of an anime is always something that has expectations on top, so surely this adaptation will not be duty. I am not a fan of the franchise, but I notice many excited people.