Participation in 40 indie games at home and abroad, G -Star X BIC Showcase 2022

Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman SEO Taegu) announced on the 23rd that G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022 was completed with hot interest. The G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022, which participated in G-Star 2022, which opened on November 17, received a hot response by showing domestic and foreign indie games on the third floor of the 2nd exhibition hall of the BEX CO.


A total of 40 works participated in the showcase, consisting of 20 works of BIC FESTIVAL 2022, which were held on offline in September, and 20 works received through G-Star Secretariat. In particular, domestic and overseas developers participated in the exhibition during the G-Star period and communicated with gamers who visited the booth.

G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022 received hot attention from gamers this year. BTI tests that are recommended for game types that are most suitable for individual tastes, as well as hashtags for each game, which introduces the main features with simple keywords, will enjoy the game smoothly even in the indie game. It is said to be able to be possible.

This is not only this. G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022 has a variety of events that cover the booths as well as developers in the exhibition. First, the 10 LETTER event was conducted by writing feedback that was abbreviated with 10 letters for the best games selected by each visitor, and one work with the highest votes for each date was GOOD (Game of the day) It was selected. This year, Bear Mask’s Rope Room, △ Jain Dice’s Dungeon Log: Legendary Adventurer, △ OSU and Secret Forest of Sink HOL Studio, and △ Latin of two months of studio were honored. In addition, a variety of events were held for four days, including the LUCKY BIC 7 event, which was held through the exhibits of each booth and the event related missions, a Secret Box that receives the product in accordance with the password, and a photo box that can leave pleasant memories with the party.

SEO Taegu, chairman of the Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee, said, I am very pleased that this G-Star X BIC Showcase 2022 has been an opportunity to inform various gamers of domestic and foreign indie games. We will spare no effort to introduce and communicate to more people and create a healthier game ecosystem.