LOL: outrage in the Spanish community for the places granted for the EMEA Masters of 2023

After all adjustments in European competitions and the inclusion of Turkey and the MENA region, the renewed EMEA, plan new competition formats where there is space for all newcomers and give opportunities to everyone practically equally in the competitive of League of Legends.

One of the formats that collects changes for 2023 is the EMEA Masters, which replaces European Masters. When there are more teams, they can participate, the places are reduced for some regions, including the Spanish. From this form we see how Super League has only two places for the tournament, although both will give direct access to the group stage, to the detriment of the three it has had in previous competitions, in which one of them left to that play-in To look for the pass to groups.

The controversy is served since the last team that has won this competition has been Team Heretics in a final to the best of five infarction. As a result, the criticisms received from this competition have been numerous since they consider that they have not had fair treatment with the Spanish region.


France, the only country with Turkey that will have three places

The regularity of the LFL in the extinct European Masters has earned them to be the only region that has three places for this renewed event next to the Turkish region. With Carmine Corp or LEC academies such as BDS or Misfits, the gala region has been one of the toe in the event, and perhaps this is the main reason for the decision.

It is true that the Super League won the tournament, but pulling retrospective, many sets have had problems from the play-in to move on to the group stage, and even powerful teams in Super League have failed to move to the best of three. The controversy is served for the Spanish region, which considered that they should have a better treatment after the last great result in this tournament that measures the lower European teams away from LEC