The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me The game comes out today, a launch trailer that desires to scare


Banzai NAMC Home entertainment will have waited on the day of the release of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me to expose its launch trailer. Long-lasting 1 minute 30, he recalls that the game occurs in a precise reproduction of the H. H. Holmes hotel. Called the Château DES Merges, it was the scene of lots of murders dedicated by that which numerous consider the very first American serial Killer. You will understand, for this last episode of season 1, the designers of Supermassive Games chose to draw motivation from a true story, and they seized the day to integrate new gameplay mechanics. This is what we discuss to you in our test of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me which has been online since the other day.

In accordance with what reports have actually suggested in current months, the first chapter of season 2 of The Dark Pictures Anthology will undoubtedly be a directive 8020. This time, the story will happen in area, and more exactly in The Cassiopeia recognition vessel where a specific Sims seems to be taken with a lethal madness.