Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Weirdest Pokemon Was Absolutely Named By a Hot Ones Fan


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s weirdest Pokémon is named after the scale that figures out the spiciness of peppers. It’s proper that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s two pepper Pokémon are named Capsid and Villain. Capsid resembles a pepper seed, while Villain is a two-headed bipedal Pokémon with peppers for heads.

Both Pokémon are relatively common, although Villain represents a first for the Pokémon franchise, as it’s the only Grass/Fire-type Pokémon in the franchise. Civilian also has its own special move– Spicy Extract, which at the same time boosts its Attack stat while decreasing the Defense stat of its challenger. Villain has a reasonably high Attack and Special Attack stat and has the Capability Chlorophyll (which boosts its speed in extreme sunlight), so Spicy Extract will make this Pokémon… well, additional spicy under the ideal conditions. You can have a look at the Pokédex pictures of both Capsid and Villain listed below:

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Players should not have too much problem discovering either Pokémon in the wild. Capsid can be discovered in multiple early locations of the video game, while Villain appears in numerous higher levels. Additionally, players can develop their Capsid at any time using a Fire Stone, which provides gamers access to this special Pokémon rather quickly.