Netmarble, G -Star Im alone Level: Arise Influencer

Net marble announced on the 18th that it held an influencer at the G-Star 2022 Net marble Pavilion for the new action RPG ‘I alone Level: Arise (I only Level Up: Arise)’.

In the influencer Daemon, where Kim Kyuhyun and Won Isle announcer, Kyuhyun, Magenta, Gong Fury, and GUI Po, participated in the ‘Time Attar Mode’ to compete for the gate boss treatment time. In Daemon, Aquino, who killed the boss, won the championship.

‘Level alone Level Up: Arise’ Influencer Daemon is open from 11 am to 12:00 am on Friday, 19th (Saturday), and from 4 pm to 5:40 pm on Sunday 20th (Sun) It is on stage.


In addition, Net marble is holding various participating on-site events such as the top ranker vs. influencer Daemon and the lucky lottery for visitors. In addition, users who participated in the character’s popular voting on the official event page will receive a variety of prizes, including the original ‘Chen Gong’ handwritten novel set, the laser Bluetooth earphone, and the Starbucks drink exchange ticket.

‘I alone level up: Arise’ is an action RPG that uses ‘IP alone (D & C Webtoon Biz)’ IP, which has become a global popular webtoon with a cumulative view of 14.2 billion in the world.

Users can be a webtoon hero, Song Jin-woo, to battle, and level up to create their own action style with various skills and weapons. It also fostered the shadow corps, the core element of the original, and embodies the parts of the strong hunters as guild members.

More information about can be found on the official site.