Red dead redemption 2

Solidarity between jeans on Red Dead Online. Young but veteran player helps a 55 -year -old rookie

Accustomed to the online games being a representation of the Wild West where the rivalry triumphs, it is appreciated to find long news like this one in which a high-level young player throws a hand to an old 55-year-old cowboy In Red Dead Online. Let’s see how it happened.

The Wild West Sometimes it is not so much

It h been through Reddit where this story h been shared. Zone h told how he ran into a Nov that level 21 by the digital plains of Red Dead Online. It turned out that this player ended up lying at his feet after his fruitless attempts to throw the bond and hunt a wild animal.

From how clumsy it seemed and its low level, Zone thought it w a child. What w his surprise when the dusty cowboy told him he w 55 years old. It seems that it w a life fan of a lifetime who had found in Red Dead Redemption 2 a dream come true: to live their own adventures stir in hand and rid towards the horizon.

Zone, veteran level 340 player, decided to help him. He dedicated his time to teaching him the controls, how to hunt, what were the roles and skill letters, which are the best weapons… the two players were no less than six hours interacting through those paths of the digital god. Of course, they remained to follow their adventures together, and Zone promised to teach him how to unlock the role of merchant.

So, beautiful story to tell, that of this rookie player to find the best that the online game can offer. It seems that for family and work reons, this person cannot leave home much and therefore relate to others. Video games have paid that they have fulfilled their dream of being the protagonist in their favorite films of a lifetime.