WO Long Fallen Dynty: more offensive and stark than Nioh in this new gameplay

TO Long: Fallen Dynty demonstrates that the Team Ninja remains in an excellent form of form. In Meditation we have been able to go through a new Build from the next work of Nigh creators. The demonstration, of just 15 minutes, condensed some of the keys that will be part of the final version on March 3.

We refer above all to the combat system, which many will know is bed on Chinese martial arts. The team h worked so that the combat rises a step above the rest of its previous projects. At times, it seems a dance in front of your adversary. Its structure starts from following the rhythm of the rival’s attacks. When defending yourself, you will have windows to counterattack, which will serve a vehicle to advise blows with all your offensive capacity. Parry, attack, evion, and so on until they fill in the rival’s energy bar, when you can advise a definitive blow that will take away good amount of damage.


All this and more in our gameplay. Give him to play.